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Camera Shy
The busy New York streets crisscrossed in indiscernible patterns throughout the city as Darwin traced the familiar route to his favorite place in Central Park. Groups of tourists crowded the sidewalk jostling for the best view. The flash of their camera's temporarily dizzied him as he passed a large group, all aiming their cameras at the towering skyscrapers dotting the landscape. "Tourists", a disgruntled Darwin muttered under his frosty breath, weaving between the crowds. While the harsh winds may deter some people, they only encouraged Darwin's regular walks through Central Park. It was typically less crowded during this time, but Christmas in New York was an attraction for many tourists.
With a frosty sigh Darwin took a set on his favorite bench, watching the crowds as they meandered past. Some days he wished he was part of their jovial groups, all laughing and taking pictures to commemorate their vacations, but he was shy, and thought better of it, he wasn't a tourist after all. T
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TG: Sex on the Beach by LadyFaux
Mature content
TG: Sex on the Beach :iconladyfaux:LadyFaux 48 3
Mature content
Apple Bottom Part 5 :iconladyfaux:LadyFaux 12 1
Mature content
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TF/TG Feeling Spotty
The heavy bass from the club poured out into the empty street as Kaito stumbled through the club's side entrance out into the alleyway. "Man... What was that?" He shook his head in an attempt to clear it. Usually one to hold his drink, Kaito was confused as to why the pounding in his head remained after having left the dance floor. His back slid down the cool brick wall as he sat in the street, holding his head between his knees. "Dude... I am screwed up." His voice slurred as he struggled to lift his head, attempting to focus his blurry vision on a figure approaching from the street.
Kaito awoke the next morning with a blinding headache as the sun peaked through his closed blinds. Groaning loudly, he rolled onto his stomach and covered his head with the pillow. Unable to fall back asleep, he forced himself upright, swaying as he struggled to climb out of bed. Staring bleary eyed in the mirror, Kaito's eyes narrowed focusing on his reflection. His formerly brown eyes were now a lovely
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Apple Bottom Part 3 :iconladyfaux:LadyFaux 9 0
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Mitsu and Kita by LadyFaux
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Mitsu and Kita :iconladyfaux:LadyFaux 2 0
:K-Ban: Candy Sweet
    Lucas walked down the well-lit interior of the local mall aimlessly with his hands shoved down into his hoodie pockets. The glaring lights glinted on the polished floors, bouncing his reflection back at him. He was average height with a thin build. His shaggy brown hair fell to just above his eyebrows, and his eyes were of a similar shade. A girlish voice jolted him out of his mental escape, "Hey, this is for you. It looks like you could use a smile!" Before Lucas could register what had happened a small package of candies was pressed towards his chest. He fumbled for a moment trying to catch it, and before he could thank her she was gone. That was weird, he thought to himself. Sitting down on a bench he opened the bag and rifled through its contents. He didn't recognize any of the candies, they must be homemade, he thought to himself. Lucasunwrapped a shiny gold-wrapped candy and popped it into his mouth. The smooth creamy chocolate melted as soon as it touch
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Mature content
Apple Bottom Part 1 :iconladyfaux:LadyFaux 11 3


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:new: It seems that some people have taken issue with the nature of my departure, and since the rumors have been brought to my attention, I'm going to clear things up for everyone since it seems many people are hesitant to message me privately. I left due to the nature of the content distributed by some individuals that made me extremely uncomfortable. This content was brought to the attention of one of the moderators of the community, but did of course pop up again.

I suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder due to having lived through the events depicted in some of this media myself, and because of my experiences take this very seriously. So seriously, that I can't continue seeing it brushed under the rug or excused away because it's an "important part of the community," or joked about. Sexual abuse is not something to be joked about, glamorized, or taken lightly. and to see it portrayed as such is heart breaking to someone who carries the burden of what happened to her every day.

Please be accountable for your actions, and how the content you choose to share and enjoy might affect other people. Because of these reasons, I will be unable to maintain a presence in the community. In the future I would like to see the moderators of these communities take a more serious stand against content promoting non-consensual force and sexual abuse, and jokes of that nature. 

Thank you, I am sad that this experience has made me regret taking part in the community.

Yes, hi, I see all of you lurking, looking at you Discord.....If you're going to keep looking at this and/or keep chitter chattering behind my back maybe you should quit gossipping and talk to me. Hmm? Yeah, I thought so.

Hey guys, it's been fun, but it's time for me to move on and try new things! 

:heart: LadyFaux


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